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Puppy and Dog Services

At Sage Vets, we care for you dog just as much as you do.

We are equipped to handle a wide variety of medical conditions, including emergencies. Our skilled team of vets and vet nurses can perform many diagnostic procedures in-house, we can often give you immediate answers and start treating your pet faster. We don't just look for a quick fix but rather take the next step and investigate what may have caused your dog's problem and things that can be done in the future to prevent any relapses.

More than just vet care for your dog

It is a well-known fact that our doggy companions quickly become family members and best friends. Just like the people we hold dear to our hearts, it pains us to see our furry friends hurting. However, unlike humans, we can’t simply ask what ails them. Thankfully, pet owners have a team of veterinarians at Sage Vets Clinic who are willing to help.

Puppy Care

Over the first few months of his or her life, we hope your puppy will visit us regularly, establishing both a strong foundation for their future health, and a great relationship for you and your puppy with our wonderful, caring team.

Each visit includes a thorough physical exam as detailed below, appropriate vaccinations, parasite control, and nutritional, weight and behavioral counseling. You may of course request your choice of veterinarian for each visit.

Preventative Care

Just as people should visit their dentist and their doctor regularly, all dogs should see their Veterinarian at least once a year. Often your dog is due for vaccinations, but even if they are not, a pet’s health can change a lot in a year, due to environment, stress, genetic conditions, and routine ageing. By examining your dog and discussing their lifestyle and behaviour with you, your veterinarian can determine if your dog may have any health issues of which you are unaware, and catch emerging health problems before they become serious.


Increasing concerns about vaccinations have caused people to question whether vaccines are safe for their dog or needed at all. Abundant scientific evidence exists supporting the use of vaccinations in our canine friends to prevent outbreaks of life threatening disease such as Parvovirus. We believe wholeheartedly in the safety of vaccination and feel we owe it to our beloved doggy companions to protect them from communicable diseases however we can! We can tailor a vaccination protocol specifically for you!

Local Practice


We can also provide your dog with

We can provide advice on doggy diets Pet Nutrition & Diet


A great diet is critical to the condition and health of your dog. We can provide expert, tailored advice on the best nutrition available for your furry friend. Contact the clinic for a free nurse consultation.

dog microchips Microchips

A microchip is a permanent form of identification, roughly the size of a grain of rice that contains a code, allowing your pet to be identified and reunited with you if ever lost. In Western Australia, all cats over 6 months of age and all dogs over the age of 3 months are required to be microchipped. Is your furry family member chipped? If not, call the clinic to book an appointment.

dog flea controlFlea & Worm Control

Regular preventative parasite control is a staple of good pet health care. We recommend Advocate, an all-in-one spot-on product that prevents all parasites and is applied monthly. Parasite control is becoming more and more important, not only because of the health risk for the individual animal but also to prevent the spreading of parasitic diseases. Please call the clinic if you would like more information.

dog boardingMore Life 4 Rickety Joints Supplement

4 Rickety Joints is a supplement which is added directly onto food daily. This powder is designed to aid in the management of arthritis and joint injuries, with a range of active ingredients known to help support, relieve and activate joint tissue. It may also reduce discomfort, improve range of motion, and slow the speed of onset arthritis in affected joints.