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More Life Program


Sage Vets More Life Program is an affordable and exclusive membership with endless benefits, that has been designed to provide the best in everyday preventative health care for your pet.

Prevention is better than cure and unlike us, pets can't tell us how they feel, so we've mapped out the best way to help maximise their health and happiness, by giving them optimum and necessary care. You will be preventing  potential health problems while we create a  plan to prevent disease at the right time in their life, tailored to your pet's breed and lifestyle.

Knowing you can conveniently bring your cat or dog in anytime, for free consultations and revisits with the vet, takes the stress out of pet ownership. More Life Members can visit any of Sage Vets 7 convenient locations, all located south of the river.   


        What are the benefits?
              An affordable and exclusive membership program with endless benefits for our clients and their pets.

              For an annual membership fee, clients and pets receive:

             - Annual check-up and vaccination (valued at $125)
             - Sterilisation and microchipping (valued at up to $462)
             - 12 month supply of Heartworm, Flea and Worming prevention (valued at up to $330)
             - Unlimited consultations and revisits (unlimited value)
             - Unlimited free nail trimming and anal sac expression (unlimited value)
             - Dental scale and polish every second year! (valued at up to $980 each)
             - $150 off every surgery if required
             - Discount off food and joint products

               If you are interested in the More Life Program or require any additional information, please feel free to contact us anytime via phone or email.