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Every vet cares about pets; why else would they do what they do? Every vet considers their service ‘premium’ or ’high quality’; they are good people, and they always want to do the best they can. Why then do all vets seem to try and differentiate themselves from each other in this way on their websites, and if we are all the same, why would you choose Sage Vets?

Because at different times customers are disappointed by their vets, and it is fairly common for them to feel that their vets were uncaring, or lacking genuine empathy. Our experience tells us that the problem is that too many vets are delivering premium service - as defined by themselves, not by their customers.

Our goal is to solve the customer’s problem, which is not only  a sick pet - but also the associated anxiety and worry. Helping the pet is only the means to achieving this end goal (of a happy customer and a healthy pet). If we are preoccupied with the ‘medical puzzle’ of the pet’s ailment, we overlook the feelings of the client. Remember, feelings are driven by emotion and not logic. What is logical to a technically competent vet, might be upsetting to an anxious customer.  

At Sage Vets we have a great big bunch of vets and nurses who all keen to care for pets, and provide a top quality service, but what makes us different is that the service we want to deliver is the service that the customer wants for their pet, not the service that we want for their pet.

That means our job is not to do the cheapest thing we can think of, or - in contrast -  slavishly follow the protocols dictated to us at university regardless of cost. Our job is to provide each customer with enough information for them to make a choice that suits both them and their pet. Our job is to support them through tough decisions, to respect their values, and then to act in their interests.  

If our company philosophy makes sense to you, then please submit your application.

We are seeking a veterinarian who would be interested in a full or part time position, working across our group of clinics South of the River. Experienced vets are welcome to apply.

Here is an opportunity for you to enjoy a role in a well-established, caring and successful group – that has real ambitions for innovative development and growth.

- A friendly team with highly trained nurses and pro-active vets, where you can build and then enjoy lasting customer relationships.
- The opportunity to market your high-value skills to customers; by offering them the full range of veterinary services – and then working with them to restore their pet to good health.
- Significant in-house veterinary expertise that is immediately accessible
- Long consults and time to work cases up thoroughly
- We also have a purpose-built surgery centre where you can choose the level of surgical mentoring and technical procedures you want and that match your development. Facilities include: computer radiography, ultrasonography, full dental and orthopaedic facilities
- Generous salary $90,000 FTE or more for experienced candidate
- Flexibility in work hours (across our clinics we are open 7 days, early and late – so there are multiple working patterns, although participation in the weekend rotation is expected)
- Candidates that may be interested in only working at the weekend are also welcome to apply.
- Although we have all of the facilities and equipment that you would expect of a modern vet group, our major focus is on human relationships – and building the trust that makes customers happy to invest in the health of their pets.
- Long term opportunities to invest or develop management skills exist for suitable candidates.

Please email your application to For enquiries please ring Clint on 0434 569 666. 

- We are accredited for 457 visa sponsorship, and that is straightforward to put in place for successful candidates. This permits a 4 years stay as an employee. Add this link:
- The Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme currently includes the role of Veterinarian, and there is a reasonably straightforward route to Permanent Residency in Australia. Add this link:
- We can arrange first contact interviews in the UK
- We can assist with the logistics of migrating
- Sage Vets is developing a business ownership model, for vets that are interested in partnering to grow our business and brand
- We are focused on finding proven performers: substantial technical experience and the people skills to build trust with customers, so that they are happy to invest in the health of their pets.
- Only candidates that are excited about delivering for the customer, patient and business, will be suited to a career with Sage Vets.


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