Our Consultation Process

Truly customer-centric

Part of our mission here at Sage Vets is to demonstrate what it means to be a truly customer-centric organisation. To us, this means putting you at the heart of everything we do. To achieve this, we make sure you’re provided with all the information you need to make the best decision for your pet – before, during, and following your consultation.

Here’s how we work with you.

You book in your pet for a consultation

When you book your pet in for a consultation, you’re able to choose the clinic, the time, and even the vet that you want to examine your pet. This allows us to tailor your appointment based on what is important to you.

When you make an appointment with us online, we don’t bog you down with a portal, passwords, confirmation emails and the like. You simply make the appointment and our software takes care of the rest. We custom built this to make it as seamless and easy as possible for all our clients.

Your consultation framework

SITUATION SUMMARY: We summarise your pet’s history with you, then perfrom a differential diagnosis, and provide you with an informed summary of your pet’s current condition. This includes possible causes, the severity and likelihood of those causes and how each potential condition is typically treated or diagnosed.

While it may at times sound like we’re discussing extra matters other than your primary concern, this is only so we can provide all the options available to you. At the end of the day, we would rather be accused of this than have you leave without understanding the full range of issues and options available that could benefit your pet.

You can take comfort knowing that we’ll never try and ‘upsell’ you. Our team receives no financial incentive or bonus, so when our team talk to you about additional options, services, or products, they do so from a perspective of wanting to provide premium customer service, and provide holistic care to help you and your pet.

YOUR AVAILABLE OPTIONS: We provide you with all available treatment options for your pet—not just a typical recommended ‘gold standard’ solution. This includes the cost, step-by-step process, and the benefits and risks of each treatment plan. We do this to ensure you have the full picture of what’s available for your pet, and you’re able to make a decision that’s based on unbiased, objective information.

THE CHOICE IS YOURS: We provide you with all the available information, and the time and guidance that you need, to make a decision and choose a treatment pathway that you feel comfortable with.

CONFIRMED NEXT STEP: We outline the next steps we’ll take towards your pet’s treatment, with clear timelines and expectations, all based on your decision. This includes any courses of medication, follow-up consultations, necessary procedures. 

Closing the loop

We give you a phone call the day after your consult, to follow up on any advice we provided, and ensure all your questions were answered. This gives you the time to order your thoughts, and make any follow-up decisions, or ask additional questions without the pressure of being in a consultation.

If you forgot to ask us something and we need you to come back, no problem. We don’t charge for that. 

Together we do more.

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