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Affordable veterinary care, for everyone.

At Sage Vets we understand that life can get complicated, and you can’t always schedule when your
pet needs veterinary attention. Sometimes it can take you—and your budget—by surprise.
In addition to our competitive pricing and price match guarantees, we make it easy for you by offering a range of flexible payment options that allow you to pay the way that
suits you.

Our consultation pricing model

Our consultation model allows you to choose the option(s) that provides the best value for you and your pet. This is based on the level of risk you’re willing to take, your values, and what you want to achieve for your furry family member.

Our model means that we’ll never force you into a ‘gold standard’ pathway that drives our prices up. You have the option to add, take away, or defer treatment as you see fit for your situation.

Because value goes beyond pricing. We want you to make a decision that’s based on the outcome you want to see and we will always provide you with an written quote, so you always know what you’ll be paying and what for. You’ll never experience that awkward bill shock moment at Sage Vets.

Excellent prices on brand name retail.

One thing you’ll notice at Sage Vets is the fantastic prices we offer on a wide range of name-brand products. Many of these products you’ll find are significantly cheaper at Sage Vets than the large chain pet stores, meaning you get the same great product at a cheaper price.
We’ve worked hard to build relationships with these brands, and want to pass the savings on to you.

Together we do more.

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