Our Remuneration Policy

Staff Remuneration

At Sage Vets you get honest, accurate veterinary care. It’s part of our Sage Vets Guarantee to always provide you with peace of mind.

Our veterinary team are remunerated on an hourly rate. They’re not provided with sales targets to reach, and they don’t receive any bonuses for sales.

When our team talk to you about additional options, services, or products, they do so from a perspective of wanting to provide premium customer service, and provide holistic care to help you and your pet.

You can take comfort knowing that we’ll never try and ‘upsell’ you. While it may at times sound like we’re discussing extra matters other than your pet’s primary care, this is only so we can provide all the options available to you. At the end of the day, we would rather be accused of this than have you leave without understanding the full range of options available that could benefit your pet.

Together we do more.

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