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At Sage Vets we’ve got a fantastic team of vets and nurses who are all keen to provide the best care for our patients that we can. Our goal is to create a unique, interesting workplace that both our team, and our clients, love coming to.

Here’s what it’s like working with us.

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Work the life you want

No long, tiring 10-hour+ days, or 50-hour weeks followed by 30-hour weeks.

At Sage Vets we believe in a healthy work-life balance. Because working crazy hours with no rest doesn’t benefit anyone, and actively works against our mission of providing the best patient care that we can

Our live everyday policy

Whether you love to surf in the morning, hit the gym in the afternoon, or complete additional studies in the evening, you don’t need to put your life on hold until your days off. Life is more than working.

Our rosters are separated into three core eight-hour shifts. Our morning shift finishes at 3:00pm, our afternoon shift starts at 12:00pm, and there’s the standard 9:00am-5:00pm in there as well.

As part of our team you work across all three shifts, giving you the maximum opportunity to Live Everyday. That’s our policy.

Make your weekend your own

We know that weekends are important to you, so we’ve limited our weekend hours to two clinic locations only. With up to 14 vets as part of our team, the frequency of weekend work ranges from 1-in-4 to 1-in-7. If you work the weekend, you get two additional days off to make up for it.

Enjoy up to six weeks annual leave

Sometimes it’s nice to have the option to take an extended holiday. At Sage Vets, you can. On top of the standard four weeks leave, all Sage Vets veterinarians receive the opportunity to purchase two additional weeks’ leave. If you purchase these two weeks, this means that in total you’ll receive two weeks leave paid at your full pay rate, then four weeks leave paid at a half pay rate.



You'll never stop learning

Your Personal Development plan

At Sage Vets you’re in control of your development, with a Personal Development Plan, allowance and study leave that’s tailored to your career goals.

Your Plan provides you with access to funded, ongoing education opportunities, and veterinary networking experiences, so you can continue to learn, grow, and develop your skills and expertise as you work.


Attend an orthopaedics course in Sydney, or learn about ultrasound in Adelaide. Take an advanced nursing workshop, or dive head-first into a customer service delivery program. Our Personal Development empowers you to grow your career the way you want to, while building skills that give back to the community we serve.

Quarterly meeting to keep you on track

We meet quarterly to set you development goals for the next quarter, identify any communication skills you want to learn, and identify any gaps we can help you close.

There’s no failing at Sage Vets. We focus on opportunities for improvement, in everything we do. If you work to our values, and do everything you can to be better every single day, then we’ll always support you 100%.

Be part of the Sage Vets family

We’re one big family at Sage Vets, and we make sure our family loves coming to work every day.

Have fun with the team

We know how to have fun, so we line up a great social calendar each year as a way to give back for your hard work. From casual BBQs, to bushwalking, or drinks on the beach and dinners out, there’s sure to be something that fits your definition of ‘fun’.

Daily perks

Sometimes it’s the small things that count. Every clinic has its own coffee machine for you to use throughout the day. We wouldn’t say we’re coffee connoisseurs, per se—but we do enjoy a good brew.

Pay cost price for products and services

As a part of our family, you get access to all of our products and services for your furry friends at cost price. Your immediate human family and friends can get up to 30% off services, too.

Our shout for vets

We don’t want to make weekend work a hassle. So, when work a Friday night or weekend, we cover your meals. It’s our shout. Conditions do apply.


Part of a strong support network

When you work at Sage Vets, you’re never in this alone.

Each one of our staff is supported by a group of over 50 vets and nurses, all here to help you succeed. This network is available to you at all times, whether it’s in person, or via our iPad video link that provides real-time support across all of our clinics.

You'll never be in over your head

You will always work alongside a team of qualified vets and experienced nurses, who will support you. Want a second opinion from a team member – no problem. Ask the client to leave their pet with us, and one of our senior team members will come to help out – all at no additional charge to the client.

No sales targets-ever

We’re here to provide the best level of care to our customers, and give them peace of mind that their pets are being looked after. It’s that simple.

Our focus isn’t on sales or revenue; it’s on providing the best quality customer service we can. This is a major part of our values, and makes us who we are. So we measure your performance based on the level of service you provide to our customers.

Seamless, streamlined communication

Communication between our teams is crucial. To ensure our communication remains seamless, we’ve developed custom-built practice management software that’s powerful—but simple.

How we work

Dedicate the time you need

Days don’t always go as planned, and one late customer can set you back an entire day. With this in mind, we’ve made sure that every ninety minute block has fifteen minutes  blocked out, and set aside for catch-up time, scheduling phone calls, and all the things you can’t do when you’re with a patient. This helps us continue to deliver the best level of customer service we can.

Surgery to your schedule

Each one of our veterinarians completes a skills-based competency worksheet. This details the surgeries you can do, and the time it takes you.

This way you’ll never be rushed in surgery, and you’ll never be in over your head.

Want to learn a new surgery? Just put up your hand, and we’ll ensure a colleague spends time with you, teaching you the procedure, then supervising your surgeries.

Locally-owned and locally run

Our management team consists of our General Manager and our Administration Manager, who you’ll get to know and see around. Because Sage Vets isn’t a big corporate chain. There’s no corporate bureaucracy or no operation models where one person dictates the standards for our clinics. This is part of our General Manager’s passion for protecting your autonomy, and encouraging you to make your job your own.

The role of our General Manager

At Sage Vets we’re run by our General Manager. We worked this way for the last 6 years to ensure we have a clear structure to follow, and well-thought-out operations to work towards. There are no knee-jerk reactions, no rapidly-changing expectations. A General Manager means we can work more effectively, with one single reference point to guide the business operations side of what we do. This results in more effective operations, and increased staff happiness.


What we're looking for

What we’re looking for

Working at Sage Vets means you’re 100% aligned with our values. And we mean 100%.

Our values are everything to us. They’re what drive us, and what sets us apart from the rest. Our values are why our new client count is growing by 25% every year.

If you want a place where you’ll practice the industry standard, vet-centred intervention model, where the customer is forced into your definition of ‘gold standard’, you won’t find that here. If you get by following a corporate cookie cutter approach, then Sage Vets isn’t for you.

Love where you work

Our staff retention rate for 2019 was 97%, which says a lot about what it’s like working at Sage Vets.

Love who you work with

Our Net Promoter Score, the global standard for measuring customer satisfaction, was 85.4. This means that 85% of our customers aren’t just happy, but they’re so engaged with Sage Vets that they proactive recommend us to other pet owners.



Available Positions

Join our Graduate Mentorship Program

We are currently accepting applications for our December 2021 / January 2022 intake with four graduate-positions available. So step outside the classroom, and see where our Grad Mentorship Program will take you. 

2IC - Clinic Operations South Street

We’re searching for a passionate, experienced Veterinary  Nurse who is wanting to develop leadership capabilities in this 2IC Clinic Operations role.

Full-time Vet

We’re after a full-time veterinarian who is accountable and proactive, excels in client-care and communication, and who can work interpedently within a vibrant and mature team.

Locum Vet

We are looking for client focused locum veterinarians with 3+ years of experience. You will ideally be available in either a part-time or full-time capacity for a 6-12 week block, and be supported with good references.

Vet Nurse

We are looking for a veterinary nurse with 2+ years of experience. You will be highly organised and accountable, and passionate about everything you do.

Position application form 

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