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Nutritional Consultations.

Your pet’s diet is just as important to their health as ours’ are to us. Too much of the wrong things,
or a diet poor in the right nutrients, can have big implications on their health. 

Different pets have different needs, so it’s important to choose the right food for them.

At Sage Vets, we can provide you with a comprehensive nutrition plan for your pet, one that’s 
designed to suit their individual needs. We’ll help you choose the foods that are best placed to optimise their health and wellbeing, and set them up for a long and happy life with you.

Their nutritional plan will take into account:

Breed and size
Different animals and breeds mature at different rates. Some are more prone to disease, some to
weight issues. Feeding your pet the right food for their breed ensures that they’re getting the right
balance of nutrients, and you’re doing everything right by them as a pet parent.

The age of your pet plays a big part in their nutritional needs. You wouldn’t feed a baby the same
food that you eat as a parent—it’s exactly the same with your pets. Your pet needs have higher
nutritional needs during their first formative year, which helps to support their growth and
development. Into adulthood, and through their senior years, they require a different balance of
vitamins and minerals to help them stay in tip-top health.

Obesity is one of the most common health issues we see in pets. We get it—when your pet wakes
you up early in the morning because they’re hungry, it can be tempting to feed them more. Similarly,
an underweight pet can hint at other medical conditions. Determining when your pet has a weight
problem is crucial for optimum health. Our nutritional plans can help your pet stay within a healthy

Special needs
At different times during their life, your pet may need specific dietary requirements. This could be
post-surgery, or to coincide with a particularly treatment plan.
The benefits of a nutrition plan

  • They receive a diet that’s completely balanced in vitamins and minerals
  • Optimal fibre levels keep them regular
  • Their intake of artificial colours, flavour enhancers, and products is minimised
  • The levels of fat and fatty acids are correctly balanced, giving them a healthy skin and coat
  • Reduced inflammation and allergies
  • They enjoy it—and you get peace of mind knowing you’re doing what’s best for them.

  • Book a complimentary nutritional consultation.
    A great diet is critical to the condition and health of your pet, at any age. And the good news is it’s
    never too late for them to eat healthier.

    Together we do more.

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