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Sage Vets Cat Hotel, 8/70 Norma Rd, Booragoon WA 6154

Sometimes they need a holiday too

Nestled in the leafy suburb of Booragoon, City of Melville, the Sage Vets Cat Hotel is their home away from home. Run by our dedicated team at our Booragoon Clinic, you can go on holiday with complete peace of mind, knowing that your furry family member is being taken care of with the highest standard of professional care.


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Sage Vets Cat Hotel, 8/70 Norma Rd, Booragoon WA 6154

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Complete peace of mind knowing they’re with a vet

Run by highly-trained animal attendants, with vets onsite, our Cat Hotel is a safe, comfortable spot for your cats to take a vacation while you’re away on holiday.

The Hotel offers a year-round temperature-controlled environment, and each room features our revolutionary uni-directional air flow system that directs all room air out of the building. This added layer of safety prevents your cat from picking up any airborne diseases, so there’s no concern about catching anything from other cats.

The room they need to play 

Cats thrive when they get the right amount of stimulation—not too much, but just enough.

Our Cat Hotel provides plenty of interactive toys, puzzle feeders, even an iPad with their favourite Netflix show, to keep their brains in top condition.

Our three large playpens rotate cats through, either individually or as a family, throughout the week. Playpen sessions give them the chance to run, jump, climb, and stretch, with three different zones for different aspects of their behavioural attention. They can sit and hang out with our staff watching Netflix or playing Playstation in The Lounge, go for a run in the cat wheel in The Gym, or take a cat nap with staff in the Purrsidential Suite.

Every one of our packages gives your cat the chance for playpen time, as often as we’re able to provide it, which depends on how many cats we have staying at the time.

Unique eight-point health check

Your cat is offered a free health eight-point health check by our clinic nurses when they book in with us, included free of charge. This includes checking their body weight, coat condition, hydration, and checks on eyes, ears, cardiovascular system, and their teeth and gums.

You receive a copy of their report at checkout, and we can send it to you earlier if you want to know the results while you’re away. If we find any issues, you can opt to have us deal with them while you’re away, so your feline friend is in tip-top health when you come to pick them up.

De-stress and relax packages

Our hotel is more than just a place for your cat to stay, we like to think of it as a holistic wellness retreat. We offer the following optional services to provide that extra level of pampering and relaxation.

Pet Remedy Massage: We use Pet Remedy, a clinically-proven blend of Valerian, Vetiver, and other calming essential oils, in a massage designed to make your furry friend feel totally relaxed and at peace.

Personal Room Remedy: You cat’s room can come equipped with a spray atomizer that delivers timed release of Pet Remedy, ensuring they feel safe and secure in their home away from home.

Relaxo-Cat: Similar to a white noise generator for babies, we can provide a sonic sound system that emits a specific frequency designed to calm and soothe anxious kitties.

Room screen: A simple screen that gives them privacy, especially crucial during the early days of settling in.

Relaxing treats: Our cat treats come infused with calming tryptophan, which helps them stay feeling relaxed.

Pamper packages

Every guest of ours gets lots of cuddles, brushing, and love. But if they need more pampering, we’ve got a package to suit.

PAWS dry mousse shampoo massage: Your feline will feel purrfectly pampered with this luxurious fur treatment.

Pawdicure: A thorough nail trim for indoor cats.

Self groomer: Wall-mounted bristles for when they need to get that hard-to-reach spot, and a human isn’t around to do it for them. 

What we feed them

Like every good hotel, your cat dines in luxury. We provide Hills premium kibble for each meal. 

Speciality diet requirements are no problem. Simply provide the food they need, and we can do the rest.

Add-On Options

Make their holiday memorable by spoiling them with one of our add-on options.

Food Lovers Package

For those food connoisseurs
$ 5 per night
  • Add Hills wet to our standard premium kibble
  • Morning and Afternoon Treats
  • Breakfast and Dinner
  • In Room Toy

The Adventurer Package

Nighttime is Playtime
$ 35 per night
  • Stay overnight in the Lounge, Purrsidential Suite or Gym
  • After Dinner Treats
  • Lazer Chaser Session
  • Interactive Play Session

Pamper Package

A staycation whilst your on vacation
$ 19
per stay
  • Dry mousse shampoo treatment
  • Pawdicure - nail trim (indoor cats)
  • Massage
  • Self groomer

Relaxation Package

For those who are little anxious
$ 5 per night
  • Pet Remedy massage
  • Pet Ready spray atomiser
  • Relaxo Cat sonic sounds
  • Room Screen

Frequently asked questions

Confirmed status:

Current F3 vaccination status is the minimum required for general boarding at Sage Vets Cat Hotel.  Vaccination cards will need to be presented  on or prior to admission into the hotel. 

Unvaccinated or unconfirmed status:

Boarding is permitted in condo’s dedicated as isolation condo’s. It is a requirement of Sage Vets Cat Hotel that unvaccinated boarders must commence a vaccination course during their stay. The vaccination course is an upfront cost. For the safety of all boarders, unvaccinated cats are not permitted to use facilities such as Play Pens during their stay.

For the safety of our boarders and security of personal belongings, the only personal belongings that can be left at the Sage Vets Cat Hotel are:  

  • Cat carrier 
  • Medications if required 
  • Food supplied by owner 

Personal toys, bedding etc are not permitted. 

We LOVE kittens! But for their protection, it’s important that they’ve already received the appropriate kitten vaccinations to keep them completely safe while boarding with us. Please feel free to give us a call to discuss their situation and requirements. We can also assist if additional boosters are required.

If it’s your pet’s first stay at our Cat Hotel, you’re welcome to come and take a tour of the facilities. After all, we want you to be satisfied that you’re making the right choice for your pet. To book in a tour, or to answer any questions you might have, you can contact us on the details included on this page.

Our Cat Hotel attendants are trained Animal Attendants and/or Student Veterinary Nurses and / or Veterinary Students. They are supported by highly qualified and experience Veterinary Nurses and Veterinarians throughout the Sage Vets network – 7 Days a week. 
Boarders are monitored for frequent urination and defecation, eating and drinking, and general demeanour. If your cat becomes unwell during their stay, they will be assessed by a Sage Vets veterinarian and  we will attempt to contact you and inform you of the situation and treatment options, however if we can not reach you, we will provide treatment to your pet based on our judgment. The fee’s for the treatment will be payable in full on check-out from the hotel. 

Together we do more.

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