Puppy Preschool

Give your puppy the best start in life

For a new puppy, everything is exciting. They spend all their time exploring, learning, and growing, so it’s the perfect time to teach them important life skills. Our Puppy Preschool classes and are designed to give your puppy the best start to their life. 


We’ll teach you and your new puppy everything they need to know so they grow into a well-adjusted, friendly, playful dog.  We’ll give you much of the information and care advice that you need to look after your puppy, to keep them healthy and happy for the first year of their life—and beyond. Puppy Preschool classes run for five weeks, and are fun and interactive (for both your puppy and you!) and gives them a chance to socialise, learn, and make new friends. 


You and your puppy can join on session number, so long as they have had their first vaccination and are between 8 and 15 weeks. 

What to expect

We keep our classes small, informal and short. The puppies party with their new friends whilst we talk through the weeks agenda and answer any questions that you may have. 

Week one

We cover basic nutrition, toilet training, prophylactic treatments (parasite control and prevention), sterilisation, microchiping and puppy first aid.

You will also receive a puppy show bag with lots of great samples, and information pack.

You also receive some amazing discounts including $30.00 off Advocate and 50% off Hills puppy food.

Week two

In week two we we cover teething, biting and jumping and enrichment activities.

Week three

In week three we cover collar, leads and lead walking, socialisation, and vet examinations.

Week four

In week four we talk about grooming, anal glands and nail trimming, pet insurance, wellness plans and recognising basic behavioural signs. 


LOCATION: Any Sage Vets Clinic
DURATION: 4 Weeks | 30 minute sessions
COST: $30.00 and receive $30.00 of your puppies Sage Vets vaccination.
CLASS SIZE: 3-4 Puppies
YOUR PUPPY: To ensure the safety of all our puppies, we ask that your little one has had their first vaccination and is between the ages of 8 and 15 weeks.
RESERVE YOUR SPOT: Call any Sage Vets clinic or use the form.


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