Ultrasound Imaging

Ultrasound scanning is a completely painless and unobtrusive procedure, and enables us to examine
your pet’s internal organs and soft tissue. Ultrasound works by projecting high frequency sounds waves inside the body using a device called a transducer.

Some of these sound waves get absorbed by your pet’s body tissue, and some bounce back as
echoes. The echoes that bounce back are measured using the ultrasound machine, and translated
into a visual patterns that form an image of the body part being scanned. This image is displayed on
a monitor during your pet’s examination, where we can capture the image electronically as a
photograph, or record as a video.

What we look for..

There are a number of things we may be looking for when undertaking an ultrasound on your pet:

    • Diagnose disease in their internal organs, and determine size and texture of these organs
    • Guiding probes during biopsy
    • Determining pregnancy
    • Foetal defects
    • Pick up any heart defects by measuring the directional blood flow and strength


If your pet is receiving an ultrasound on their abdomen or chest, we will typically need to shave a patch of hair, as hair obstructs the ultrasound waves.


We typically don’t need to anaesthetise your pet for an ultrasound, but we may administer a general anaesthetic if a biopsy is required. We will consult you prior to their ultrasound to ensure you confirm that you’re comfortable with this procedure.

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